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Tasha and GiveMN - UPDATE November 19, 2020

TashaTasha in her den

On the eve of this big day, Tasha calmly worked on her bedding, biting pieces of wood or cedar bark into smaller ones and spreading grass.

Tasha raking, chewing and rolling bedding in her den-11/18/20

After dark, she came to the entrance, saw the snow, and made no move to go further. Instead, she slowly backed into the area where she is making her bed

Tasha contemplating coming out of her den? - 11/18/20

Both videos are by "TaughtbyBears". "Happycub" and "Mikaloyd" sent the pictures.Heidi with cakeHeidi with cake by Susan Laine

All the while, supporters are moving us closer to improving the bear enclosure at the Bear Center and raising enough ($6,166 needed) to install a den cam at Lily’s den. You even surprised the staff with a beautiful Susan Laine cake delivered to the Bear Center at 1 PM.

Scott and the staff have been reaching out hourly today. He said that Donna and I can say a few words by telephone during the 10 PM broadcast.

Thank you for all you are doing
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center


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