Tasha Doing What Bears Do - UPDATE November 14, 2020

Ted - 11-7-20Ted - 11-7-20

A couple days ago, "Happycub" got a picture of Ted resting in a position to show us the distinquished white hair he is (proudly?) developing as he approaches his 24th birthday.

Tasha in denTasha in den

Tasha making her den in the open-mouthed rock den with a camera aimed at it is an opportunity. We all can watch as Tasha does what bears do but is doing it undisturbed where we all can see. We’ve caught bits of this in the wild, but the open-mouthed den gives a better opportunity to see it in good detail. I’m glad we spent the money on such a good camera. She is making her den of entirely wild materials. What looks like straw is actually grass. This morning she was fastidiously pulling apart a ball of raked-up grass and working it into the nest she had built. It was good that Sharon and the staff decided not to give her straw and let us get the most out of the viewing opportunity. It is nice to see Tasha peacefully concentrating on the details of arranging her den. And thank you "Taughtbybears" (Taught by Tasha?) for capturing this nearly 6-minute video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu8k7X8XLSo

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Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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