Excitement and New Faces - UPDATE November 1, 2020

Lily in denLily in den

The big excitement was finding Lily in a den yesterday. The thoughts of what could happen gave me a rush of optimism, but we’ll have to see how things come together. I submitted my den cam application a while ago, Pine MartenPine Martenbut again, we’ll have to see what happens. Just seeing her in a den and having her react to “It’s me bear” by putting her head down and ignoring the company gave me a good feeling. Just seeing her alive at the end of her 13th year was great, but I can’t help crossing my fingers that we can learn more from her through this winter when she is due to give birth. Will she have another litter of four that we can watch her try to deal with?

Out the window today, new faces arrived. I haven’t seen a pine marten for over a year, and there one was just outside the window, showing me its face and the distinctive markings on its chest. We’ll see if he or she becomes a regular.

Then the first common redpoll of this cold season held still for a close-up.

Finally, a robin-sized bird flew to a branch and turned its head to show me its stout bill and olive-yellow crown and rump that identified it as a female pine grosbeak.

RedpollRedpoll Pine grosbeak femalePine grosbeak female Deer on alertDeer on alert


Deer were on the alert, trying to separate the rustling noises of high wind from sounds of possible danger.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center