2021 North American Bear Calendars! - UPDATE October 30, 2020

2021 Calendar Updateclick here to view on bear.org

Fresh off the press! The 2021 North American Bear Center calendar is dedicated to our much beloved Ted this year. We once again feature Jim Stroner's fabulous photographs over the years and take this opportunity to honor Ted in his semi-retired status.

You can find the calendar by clicking here: https://bear.org/product/2021-ted-calendar.

We have a few nice words to describe our ever so charming Ted Bear printed on the extra page that we will share here:

Born in 1997, Ted came to the North American Bear Center at 10 years old, shortly before its opening in May 2007. He arrived with another bear, Honey, who was one year older. They had lived together all of their lives. (Honey passed in 2016). In July of the same year, a small cub named Lucky arrived. Ted took a keen interest and once Lucky learned to trust, they spent years playing. When Lucky matured at about 5 years old, his dominance changed their relationship.

Ted is very well loved by all. He loves to interact with people, and he greets them with curiosity and warm grunts. His large size (typically over 600 pounds) is a strong contrast to his gentle ways. He seems to enjoy looking at all of his visitors, who are amazed to see such a huge bear. Ted enjoys all foods, no doubt about that, but he particularly enjoys red grapes, strawberries, and nuts.

Ted entered semi-retirement in summer 2020. He moved into a new retirement enclosure where the daily traffic is less. However, Ted's routine stays the same. He takes walkabouts down to the pond, where he forages for food and frequently takes a swim before resting on a large log and surveying his domain. After he’s had his morning outing, Ted meanders back to his new home where he rests and enjoys sunshine and snacks along with a few visitors for the rest of the day. At his age, Ted’s arthritis sometimes bothers him, but it does not keep him from enjoying his forever home.

Ted’s winning ways have earned him quite the following over the years. He has fans all across the globe who watch him on his very own web cam which can be found on bear.org.

We are happy to dedicate this calendar to Ted! 


Thank you for all you do,
WRI Staff