Bear News from Sharon Herrell - - UPDATE October 11, 2020

This week's news includes possible hibernation den for Tasha and Lucky's leaves.

I'd first like to thank Ted's human mom for giving me permission to use Ted's wagon picture. I forgot to attach the picture to go with the story last week. Thank you, Cindy for sharing it.

TedTedTed had a good adventure on his way to the viewing area. He sat for a while behind Tasha's den munching on mouthfuls of grass. We plant rye and white clover for the bears to enjoy. He is moving slowly but he gets to where he wants to be. He made his way to the viewing area, was weighed and enjoyed a few treats spread out for him. He didn't swim but did walk to his old den and sat by first the man gate and then the second man gate. I went in and walked with him back to his retirement den. Dr. Rogers reported Ted weighed 677 pounds, in his daily update; he is right on track for hibernation.

As the wind brings in the first signs of cooler temperatures, the trees in cooperation have started shedding their leaves. Many have fallen into Lucky's den. He's moving slowly but his need to rake in more bedding surpasses his rest time. The staff has also helped him by raking, bagging and dumping the abundance of leaves near his den.

This week while Tasha ate her dinner and interns watched Holly for movement; Spencer and I went into the enclosure to look for possible signs of digging. We found no new sites but did notice the tree that blocked the former dug den had been moved. We checked it out and it not only had fresh signs of digging but is large enough for our Tasha. She has also been playing in the overflow stream. Is she playing with slimy critters or searching for something else? She continues to get a meal a day plus treats, she now weighs 365 pounds.

LuckyLucky HollyHolly TashaTasha

Holly has not been out of her den for weeks. She will occasionally poke her head out long enough for us to snap a quick picture but doesn't come out. She must be nice and cozy enjoying the den Tasha made for her. It’s typical though, Lucky always put the straw in all the right areas and even made his little nesting area. Holly would then take it over. We have seen that happen many times in the past. I think it's her way of saying," I'm the boss", thank you.

The season is quickly coming to an end in a couple more weeks. The bears will get more straw, feedings will be one time a day and then the bears will say, "See you next year."

Thank you for all you do,
Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bear Keeper