Bear Food - UPDATE July 15, 2020

Juneberries by MikeJuneberries
by Mike
This picture of juneberries shows what could have been with more rain. It’s on a bush Mike Johnson watered. Elsewhere on his property rainfall was only 53% of normal, and these favorite berries were scarce or worse.

But as I mentioned before, hazelnuts are looking promising. 2-year-old Joy seems to be looking forward to that. She was pulling down hazelnut bushes today as if searching for them. Do bears know the smell of hazelnut bushes even when they don’t have nuts?

Too good to pass up were two pictures that Bear Center intern Allison Garton snapped today. One is of Lucky taking a break. The other is a very different picture of One-eyed Jack.

Lucky relaxing by Allison GartenLucky relaxing
by Allison Garten
One-eyed Jack Allison GartenOne-eyed by
Jack Allison Garten
Joy looking at hazelnutsJoy looking at hazelnuts

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center