Chloe, Andrew, Pixie, and Cubs - UPDATE June 2, 2020

Five days ago, while Chloe’s suitor who she had recently mated with was on one side of the WRI Pixie with 2 cubsPixie with 2 cubsCabin, 2-year-old Chloe was playing with 2-year-old Andrew and was very comfortable with him. Chloe is on the left, Andrew on the right. The vigor of their play with open mouths and teeth showing is what makes this kind of play portrayed as fighting by dubbing ferocious sounds in on TV or movies. In real life it is harmless and silent. We’ll see next year if Chloe’s cubs have a blaze like Andrew’s or no blaze like the suitor.

Yesterday, Donna’s 5-year-old daughter Pixie stopped by the neighborhood with her second litter. Her first litter, in 2018, was a single female Dakota who survived the peril of being a single cub. This year she had two brownish cubs who are still of unknown sex. One sticks very close to Pixie. The other is more independent. Both have white V’s. Pixie has a distinctive blaze and has brown that goes up her forehead.

Pixies cubPixies cub Pixie and one cubPixie and one cub
Chloe and AndrewChloe and Andrew Chloe and AndrewChloe and Andrew

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center