Ted, Carolyn, A Blast from the Past - UPDATE May 29, 2020

Ted is breaking the mold and pacing a bit lately. I’m not sure why. I blame everything on Covid-19 and might as well include this one, too. Pacing generally comes from lack of stimulation. Carolyn with her cubCarolyn with her cubI would not be surprised if Ted is missing people. By now we should be open with group after group going behind the scenes to see Ted. I hope we can open soon, especially for Ted’s sake. Or there might be another explanation for the brief periods of pacing—that Ted is excited. Instead of people coming to see him, a couple bears—a cinnamon-colored bear and the black one that made it inside the outer fence a week or so ago—are visiting outside the fence lately as if they don’t have anything better to do but be near Ted. It is mating season. Whatever is the right explanation, I still wish we could open sooner rather than later.

Chloe's suitorChloe's suitorWith mating season upon us, family break-up is upon us, too. Braveheart was starting the process with her 3 yearlings yesterday, chasing a yearling up a tree and going off by herself. She has a history of being indecisive about it. A couple years ago, she was back and forth on it for several days. Each bear is different. We’ll see how she does it this year.

Donna was still with her four yearlings a couple days ago on the 27th.

Fern was seen on the 26th alone. There might be more to tell about that one of these days.

A neighbor from a couple miles away sent a picture of Carolyn with one of her 3 cubs looking healthy.

This evening, the male that was mating with Chloe stopped by for an ID picture to begin the search for a matching picture to see who he is.

Half birthday pictureHalf-birthday promo pictureIt seemed like a blast from the past to see the cute Half Birthday Picture with hats on Lucky and Holly in their most playful days of yore and cute names for the bears: Ted-E “Ladies Man” Bear, Lucky “The Charming Entertainer” Bear, Holly Bear “Miss Sassy Sassafras,” and Tasha Bear “Miss Kentucky.” 

Then, with her suitor here, 2-year-old Chloe appeared with 2-year-old Andrew playing. More on that tomorrow. Things are getting exciting.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center