Family Break-up: Lily and Samantha - UPDATE May 18, 2020

We received a report on Lily and learned that the family who sees her was up on Wednesday and Lily and her four yearlings were together as usual that evening. Samantha with 2 of her 4 yearlings 5-16-20Samantha with two of her
four yearlings - 5-16-20
That family was up again on the weekend and saw two of her yearlings alone Sunday evening, so it appears that family break-up was sometime during May 14-17. It will be interesting to see who Lily is seen with next and when she will begin and end having a suitor with her.

Today, we saw drama as Samantha tried to enforce break-up with Ozzie who wouldn’t let go. But back to the beginning. Two evenings ago on the 16th, Samantha and her cubs crowded onto the scale together peacefully. She is leaving her yearlings at good weights. The three we weighed singly were 50.5, 66.5, and 83 pounds. Samantha was 222. Yesterday (the 17th), they did not show. This morning (the 18th), she was here trying to be alone butNew vanNew van Ozzie came to her and she chased him off. When he was reluctant to go he got rolled on his back and Samantha was on him. It looked ferocious, but she did no harm and he licked her face. She melted and walked away. Another time, she was chasing him around a tree and he just kept dancing around the white pine in a standing up position but not climbing to escape. Samantha gave up and walked away. Ozzie eventually left. Olive and Oscar showed up separately later but had no interactions with Samantha who was here a lot bulking up for successful reproduction.

Somehow we missed putting 2 pictures in the update last night, this one of Samantha, and of the new van with air conditioning front and back for the Black Bear Field Courses.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center.