Lily, Andrew, and Snow - UPDATE May 13, 2020

Although Chloe’s appearance on April 27 was the first at the WRI, Lily and her four yearlings were actually the bears spotted in the neighborhood on April 26. They regularly came to a feeding site where the people are not often there but have food out and know her when they see her. Rose breasteed grosbeakRose-breasteed grosbeak13-year-old Lily and all four cubs are okay! I hope we get a picture of them before family break-up. Lily makes our day. This trusting bear has done more for bears than any bear I know.

The mystery of the unknown bear that arrived at the WRI May 5 has been solved. People in the neighborhood went through their pictures looking for the distinctive chest patch of the mystery bear. It is Andrew, the 2-year-old son of Vanna. I don’t think he had ever been to the WRI before. He is the grandson of Dot, great grandson of Blackheart, and great great grandson of Shadow.

Last of the snowLast of the snowI’m declaring this day the official end of snow, not counting piles left by snowplows. Most of the snow in the woods disappeared weeks ago, but some remained in a shadowed valley as daily temperatures reached record lows and climbed to below-average highs. Last evening, I snapped a picture of the last smidgeon of that snow. The tiny bit that was still there this morning was gone by 2 PM (51 degrees).

Today, a wolf researcher sent me a video of a hapless bear that wandered too close to a wolf den with four pups in Voyageurs National Park here in northeastern Minnesota. The pack responded, providing footage that a person would never think he or she would see. Click here to view on Voyageurs Wolf Project Facebook Page.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center