Braveheart, Donna, Spanky, and an Intruder - UPDATE May 12, 2020

Donna and 4 yearlingsDonna and her 4 yearlings

More bears, nice to see. Two of Shadow’s granddaughters and her last-born cub have showed up. 20-year-old Donna and her four yearlings (two males [Betelguese and Bramble] and two females [Blossom and Bunni]) have checked in to the neighborhood and had their pictures taken for the record. This evening 18-year-old Braveheart did the same with her three yearlings (2 females [K’trina and Katherine] and a male [Joseph]). 100% survival in these families.Braveheart and her 3 yearlingsBraveheart and her 3 yearlings

SpankySpanky (Shadow's last cub)Also this evening, Shadow’s last born, 5-year-old Spanky, her problem child, showed that he made it another year. He is only about 215 pounds, though, which is light for a 5-year-old. He was his old self and still can’t extend his tongue past his lips to ingest food, putting him at a disadvantage. He was born to this neighborhood, and the neighborhood will take care of him.

At the Bear Center a clever intruder got a free meal and possibly a meeting with Ted, but he probably won’t be back. He got over the outer fence but not the inner fence where the bears are. HappyCub got pictures that showed his escape route, and Sharon got photo evidence of a step toward that route. While I was there to see what I could see, I heard a chain saw on the outside of the fence and the crucial tree came down. We’ll see if that thwarts the bear that has some good stories to tell. It was good of the bear to show us a flaw in our fence design that we never thought a bear could penetrate. This bear might be smarter than the average bear. We’ll see if Scott foiled the bear with his chainsaw and put us in compliance with the security we thought we had.

Wild bear at NABCWild bear at NABC Ted on alertTed on alert Claw marksClaw marks

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center