Ted, Woodchuck - UPDATE April 11, 2020

Today started with a brief sleet shower that Ted felt landing on his back (captured by "HappyCub").Ted with sleetTed with sleet

Next, a woodchuck stopped up to the second floor deck, but Donna and I didn’t have any broccoli out yet, so it paused briefly for an ID photo, ate a few sunflower seed hearts, and went back to its burrow for more excavation. It paused digging for a moment after rolling out a particularly big stone that is visible behind it. Later in the day, it lay in the sun flattened to the ground and perfectly still about 5 feet from the burrow. Babies come along in April or May, so I hope this is a female that we can watch interacting with them at this very visible burrow.

Woodchuck at burrowWoodchuck at burrow WoodchuckWoodchuck

Deer were busy mowing the lawn on the sunny side of the WRI. Little new blades of grass are now sprouting up there but not elsewhere, so that warm spot is getting a lot of attention. Clumps of a different kind of grass were mowed earlier by them as shown in the picture. Deer have no top incisors, so they bite off grass and other greens by using their lower teeth to bite against a hard plate on the top jaw.

Deer browsing grassDeer browsing grass Grass browsed by deerGrass browsed by deer


Not much bear action yet. No one around here has seen any, but one was spotted at a bird feeder only 6 miles away on April 8th. Keeping our eyes open.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center