Bear Center Action - UPDATE March 26, 2020

Things were happening at the WRI today with deer, a woodchuck, and the Herring Gull named 6 O’clock bringing his smaller mate;6 O'clock and mate6 O'clock and mate but the Bear Center had bigger action the last couple days. Yesterday, the trail cam captured bald eagles and ravens gobbling goods as fast as they could and a 2-year-old bald eagle showing his or her youthful vigor against a mature eagle—probably in competition over the food.

Today, Ted took a slow stroll, stopping a lot to sniff the air. Then, in his lean spring form, stood up and eventually turned to eating leaves from a sapling. Then it was back to his chalet for some time in the sun with his tub on this 45° day. It’s always nice to see gentle Ted in action.

Someone asked if the updates will continue during the Minnesota shutdown when the Bear Center is closed. I don’t think the shutdown affects what I do. I’ll just be my usual hermit self going to the WRI and not mingling—complying but doing nothing different from usual, which means writing updates and working (writing updates is not work).

Ted at workTed at work Ted Eating LeavesTed eating leaves


Bald eagles and ravensBald eagles and ravens Ted sniffingTed sniffing Ted on TubTed on tub

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center