A 2-week Shutdown and Some Nice Visits - UPDATE March 25, 2020

This afternoon, Governor Tim Walz ordered a Minnesota shut down from the end of this Friday to 5:00 pm Friday April 10. 6 o'clock gull6 O'clock gullIt includes the Bear Center. The staff anticipated that a shutdown was coming and has everything covered, including feeding the bears.

Gull 6 o'clock6 O'clock gullThe critters out the window are also covered. Two gulls came today—the usual 6 O’clock and another that is familiar with operations here but flew before we could zero in on its identification marks. 6 O’clock showed the grace of gulls as he flew from the railing to the bologna outside the window and back to the railing.

Stripe the mink stopped by the window for some of the same after being AWOL for several days. Three days ago, I saw a mink head off into the forest and haven’t seen one until today.Mink StripeMink Stripe

Everything seemed normal in this forest paradise while life is on hold or in turmoil over so much of the world. Snow will be melting fast in the warm weather that is forecast for the rest of March.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center