First Gull of 2020, Ted Sleeping - UPDATE March 21, 2020

The gull came so soon after I put bologna out for the mink (which we didn’t see today) First gull of 2020 03First gull of 2020that I think the gull was up on the tall white pine stump watching. At 3:38 PM, it was there gobbling them all up. Gulls can eat far more bologna than a mink. Who was the gull?

It flew up on the cub feeder for a couple ID pictures and saw a black dot on the right iris at the 6 O’clock position, Ted sleepingTed sleepingso my best guess is that he is the male named 6 o’clock. He flew away when I went out with a piece of bologna, which fits his pattern. He isn’t that tame, but he knows the routine. He flew out and around and came back for it but I was too close, so he landed on the 40-foot white pine stump. I retreated and he flew out and around for a picture on his way to land, eat, and go.

Then it was to the Bear Center to check the exhibits. I wondered if the afternoon sun would be on Ted resting in his chalet, so I brought a camera. I walked up as quietly as I could and caught him sleeping with the sun on his straw-covered head. I wondered if he would recognize me if I didn’t speak. He heard the clicking, half looked, and tucked his head down to sleep. No effort to come to the fence. A pretty day with a very blue sky down to the horizon.

First gull of 2020 First gull of 2020 02


Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center