Sweet Ted - UPDATE March 18, 2020

Ted sitting upTed sitting upOn a whim, I stopped up to see Ted, and he made my day as always. He was just resting, whiling away the winter until someone stops by and livens his day. Rolled upright, started his sweet friendly grunts, and wanted to get close. He didn’t want to step on the snow and looked for the best path. I don’t think he’s walked to the fence in months. Meanwhile the snow has hardened. He was determined. He tried it. The snow held him up. All of his hundreds of pounds. Then there was no stopping him. He made it to the fence, and he made me feel welcome. I tried to do the same thing back. "MargeIreland" (chat moderator) captured pictures from the inside as 23-year-old Ted put his front feet up on the crosslog and then made sure his big bowl was close at hand. A good day.

The snow was so hard that the gate would not open, so Ted had to do all the work to get together. Thank you, Ted.

Ted  Ted with bucket Ted with bucketTed with bucket Ted visiting with Dr. RogersTed visiting with Dr. Rogers

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center