New Mink Mystery - UPDATE March 4, 2020

And now there are 5! At first there were just Stripe (with a stripe on each side of her chin patch) and Clear (a clear white chin patch). But we hadn’t looked closely enough at Clear to distinguish her from other minks that had clear chin patches.

Mink Clear  Mink Clear Mink Clear  Mink Clear Mink StripeMink Stripe

Then a new mystery mink appeared but was familiar with the program. She had a clear chin patch, but when we looked closer she had a streak that ran far down her belly with interruptions. She had to have the name Streak.

Then a shyer mink came but also seemed to know the program. Again with a clear white chin patch, her patch went down her chest and said her name—Banjo. She also knew where to look for the bologna. She’d been here before. Or maybe minks learn very fast.

Mink streakMink streak Mink NewMink New Mink BanjoMink Banjo

A couple days ago a new mystery mink appeared—just a clear white chin patch and a small white mark below it. She has been here many times today and yesterday—with a visit from Stripe mixed in. I don’t know what to call this little mink that is probably a another female from her size. Like Banjo, she is shyer and doesn’t come in the window.

I like minks. They learn fast. They are interesting to watch to see how they find bologna using their eyes and nose, and they liven up the winter.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center