Scott’s Musher Life - UPDATE February 23, 2020

Today was the local WolfTrack Classic Sled Dog Race, one of the races our very own Director Scott Edgett Scott racingScott running the racinghas been training for with his dogs no matter what the temperature. This was the 50-year celebration of sled dog racing in Ely. Scott is known for not wearing a hat for the race, but that was no big deal today with the temperature a balmy 38°F.

This is Scott’s other life. Our own Jim Stroner who takes the Bear Center’s calendar pictures was the official photographer for the race and was here two days early checking locations for good pictures along the route. He sent me these pictures of Scott along the route and at the finish line.

Scott crossing finishCrossing the finish lineI like the picture of the happy dogs in action with their mouths wide open trying to stay cool on this above-freezing day but still running at a good clip at the end of the race. I watched Scott online at the start with the dogs standing in place leaping with anticipation as his wife Cindy helped hold onto them until the official start. En route, Scott was cheered on by Pond Chat Mods watching online from the Netherlands, Ireland, and California.

A little under the weather, this is the first race I’ve missed being at the finish line to see my friend Scott come in, but he gave a good estimate of when he’d cross the finish line, and I checked back online just in time to catch him crossing a few minutes early. Way to go!

Thanks for all you do, Scott.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center