Warmth, Mink, and Deer - UPDATE February 22, 2020

Mink stripe in windowMink stripe in windowWith the temperature reaching a high of 48°F, Stripe the Mink was on the go, and deer seemed relaxed.

We’re exploring new foods to see what the minks might like. Stripe was good to try the flounder today, but she much preferred bologna. She was good to pause for a portrait outside the open window before coming inside for her buffet.

A doe looked content as she chewed her cud with a sideways grinding motion of her lower jaw. The browsed bushes near her might have contributed to what she is chewing. Eventually, she stood and surveyed her surroundings from under a tree.

I was so engrossed at my desk that I didn’t realize the temperature had climbed so high until the mink stirred me out of my trance. Then I saw the thermometer and knew why sheets of icy snow were cascading from the roof.

DeerDeer Mink Stripe with FlounderMink Stripe with Flounder Deer chewing cudDeer chewing cud


Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center