Blue Sky and Sunshine, Bear Center Advances - UPDATE February 20, 2020

No minks today—same as on the other days following cold nights. It was minus 26°F on the way to the WRI this morning but reached 20° above.White breasted nuthatchWhite-breasted nuthatch

A white-breasted nuthatch took a spot in the sun to help show off the beautiful blue sky with no clouds today.

ChickadeeChickadeeA chickadee demonstrated how the very fluffy 3 inches of snow of a few days ago has firmed up by landing on it without floundering.

At the Bear Center, we are making exhibit changes beyond what any of us thought as new ideas pop into people’s heads for better organization, new videos on bigger screens, moving the big brown bear into a new grizzly/brown bear section, making room for a computer kiosk for kids to have answered the way kids do now, rearranging pictures, updating some information, new pretty woodwork, and more. Judy McClure is feeling pretty good except for her back, so she is digging in with her good ideas.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center