Mink, Snow, and Sun - UPDATE February 18, 2020

Mink cause the most excitement at this time of year. Today it was two of them!. Streak was here a couple times and then it was Stripe in 3 inches of new fluffy snow. Mink StripeMink StripeStripe wasn’t using the old patterns of travel, though—maybe because she knew Streak was around and minks are mostly solitary. She ducked down her usual snow hole and stashed a piece of bologna and immediately came up for more. I wasn’t ready yet, and she went down and retrieved the bologna from the snow hole and showed me another hideaway—a new entry below a short boardwalk we put in last spring. From under the boardwalk, she would have access to the open area under the bay windows that stick out from the living room. This evening, it was just Stripe and she was her usual trusting self—my favorite.

A chickadee that came for sunflower seeds did not land and flounder in the light snow. It picked a vertical twig to survey the landscape before landing on the seeds.

This afternoon, the sun came out and made a red squirrel and a white-breasted nuthatch look extra nice for a couple clicks from my desk that I couldn’t help.

White-breasted nuthatchWhite-breasted nuthatch ChickadeeChickadee
Red squirrelRed squirrel Mink Streak in new snowMink Streak in new snow

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center