Mink of the Day and Groundhog Day - UPDATE February 3, 2020

Mink streakMink streakThe mink of the day was Streak—over and over all day. Not quite as trusting as Stripe but much more trusting than Banjo. It was good to see him (or her?).

ChickadeeChickadeePersonable, trusting chickadees are always a joy.

I didn’t see any groundhogs yesterday, but if a red squirrel could be a stand-in while local groundhogs sleep, I can say that he did see his shadow, which would mean 6 more weeks of winter. An ending in Mid-March would be a nice reprieve from the deep snow of this winter. Deer would like it, too. Deep snow means a hard winter that some do not survive this far north. I’m sure Ted would appreciate not having to lift his feet that far as he tries to move about. But would it be good for cubs? They’re just opening their eyes in mid-March, and it would be another month before they’re ready to follow mom. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s really best. Maybe Groundhog Day doesn’t apply here. In fact, I don’t think groundhogs even care about groundhog day here. I’ve never seen one so much as show its face on that day.

White-tailed deerWhite-tailed deer Red squirrelRed squirrel
Ted awake 5:43pmTed wakes at 5:43pm Ted awake 5:46Interest piqued at 5:46pm
To view Ted's live cam, click here: https://bear.org/teds-live-cam/

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center