The Joy of New Year’s Gatherings - UPDATE January 1, 2020

Our daughter Colleen and her husband Nick brought our grandkids Gabrielle (8) and Heinrick (10) to join Donna and me for a New Year’s weekend of fun and frolic. Deer doe and fawnDeer doe and fawnFor frolic, we put the North American Bear Center to an unintended use. We turned most of the lights off and it was the four grownups trying to find and catch the two grandkids in a time of shrieking and laughter as they barely escaped by outrunning or out-dodging us. I was very impressed with their long powerful strides and agility. They never tired out—unlike us adults that had to take breathers from time to time. Then it was home for food and games. New Year’s Eve was the annual gathering of us who joined together with Pat and Donna Surface years ago for a time of chatting and eating that has continued to the present even though Pat and Donna now do concert tours in Florida and thereabouts at this time of year. All fun.

Deer buck and fawnDeer buck and fawnNow it’s back to the keyboard and wildlife of the Wildlife Research Institute to catch up. On a visit to see emails and put food out for the critters on New Year’s Eve, a doe and fawn put their mouths together much like mother bears do with their cubs. I’m not sure of the full meaning of this, but, given the timing, they might have been saying Happy New Year. This evening, a big buck who made it through hunting season and has now shed his antlers peered in the window.

I’m looking forward to a good year. The Black Bear Field Courses are nearly full with new names and old names and lots of excitement. Den Cams for this winter are an open question. Although we know where Lily and her four cubs are denned, we have not yet gotten a response to our Den Cam Permit Application from the DNR. Writing the book is my personal goal for 2020, along with expanding the educational outreach of the Bear Center.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center