Shadow’s Clan - UPDATE December 8, 2019

Today was a day of the team completing the naming 39 of the 41 new members of Shadow’s Clan. The two cubs that were not named are Valentine’s two brown cubs that we do not yet know the sexes of.

(click here for Shadow's Clan Tree)Shadow - 8-5-19

One of the surprises of the year was that 5 of the 13 mothers gave birth to 4 cubs. These five are 19-year-old Donna, 14-year-old Ursula, 12-year-old Lily, 10-year-old Samantha, and 8-year-old Oliana. They accounted for 20 of the 41 cubs we recorded.

The other big surprise of the year was seeing Oliana who had disappeared for 6 years and probably produced a litter or two that we didn’t get to see.

The clan includes up to 7 generations and is the only black bear generational data of its kind that we know of. Shadow lives on—soon to be 33.

The information is a result of team members, including community residents, keeping records, taking ID photos, comparing photos to others taken years ago, and assembling the data year after year.

Thank you all.

And a thank you to everyone for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center