Man vs Bear; Flying Squirrels, Big Snowflakes, and More - UPDATE December 5, 2019

On Man Vs. Bear last night (Discovery Channel), I was glad no one got hurt being jerked off a platform into the water by a bear that Red squirrelRed squirrelpowerful. As you all know, the big snarls and sounds we saw so frequently were trained behaviors, not something a person would see in the wild.

At the Bear Center, flying squirrels are providing action while the bears take a few months off.

Out the window at the WRI, big snowflakes floated down, adding fluffy decorations to the chickadees’ perches during this Christmas season. A red squirrel took shelter from the snow by extending its tail up to its head. We don’t usually see the tip of the tail extended like that.

A downy woodpecker arrived with her stubby bill, followed by a hairy woodpecker who held perfectly still for a picture of his longer bill that helps separate these two species when it is hard to judge overall size.

Downy woodpeckerDowny woodpecker Hairy woodpeckerHairy woodpecker ChickadeeChickadee

The Black Bear Field Courses are filling up nicely. One has two spaces left, and two have 3 spaces left.

Otherwise, it was a day at the office typing words and wishing a mink, fox, fisher, or pine marten would add their personas. Unlike last winter, few of these animals are being seen in the area.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center