Word is Spreading - UPDATE November 26, 2019

Word is spreading about our great food. Last night, after two raccoons left, eight flying squirrels took over.Flying SquirrelFlying squirrel We have never seen that many here before. The Eyes of the Night captured 6 of them in one picture in which they are getting along fine in a compartment of a feeder. Flying squirrels are more social than the red squirrels we see by day.

A chickadee showed some of the variation in the bib that helps us identify some individuals.

Another one of you provided information about beaver activities after ice-up. Quoting from a book on beavers, he wrote: One beaver bit the edge of the ice closing in on the last hole of open water in the pond. She saw beavers swim under the ice and push it up with their backs. They also climbed on top of the ice and pushed it down with their forepaws.

Red squirrelRed squirrel Flying squirrelsFlying squirrels ChickadeeChickadee

That probably explains the wet spot, which possibly is open water, in front of their lodge as is shown in the picture on the 24th.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center