2020 Calendars and Christmas Cards - UPDATE November 18, 2019

2020 calendar

The Cards and Calendars are here and ready to go. Once again, Linda’s Calendar with Jim Stroner’s pictures is beautiful. Jim’s crisp pictures show Ted, Lucky, Holly, and Tasha more clearly than I could see them in person. Every hair is distinct. The cover picture of Ted clearly shows the white hairs of his 22 years and his eyes of love. Good job, team.Holiday cards

The Card reflects the beauty and soft snow of winter as a peaceful background for our four bears that the card brings together—another winner by Linda Gibson with Jim Stroner’s pictures.

You can find the calendar here: https://bear.org/product/2020-bear-center-calendar/

And the cards can be found here: https://bear.org/product/2020-holiday-4-bear-card-pack/

Remember to also check the other items for sale in the gift store, you will find many wonderful gift opportunities for the upcoming holidays!

I try not to tell about things I shouldn’t, but I can’t hold this one back. I love the idea for the 2021 calendar that could be available before summer. It will be about the life of our loving bear Ted, told with words and pictures of him over the years with a couple new pictures to be taken this coming spring. I love it. Ted is a one-of-a-kind bear who deserves his moment in the sun. It will be a collector ite for my library.

After I get my 100 calendars to share with Black Bear Field Course participants, there will be fewer than 500 available for sale. They are $13.95 each, and the cards are ten for $9.95.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center