Thank You! - UPDATE November 15, 2019

Thank you!

As I saw the donations come in from caring supporters, it felt good to know I/we are not alone and are part of a heartfelt group who share a mission for bears. By the numbers, we exceeded the $35,000 goal with a total of $36,377 for the Bear Center. I know that exceeds the official total, but I received a check for $100 that didn’t get counted yet. And thank you also for the $1,760 you gave to the WRI that we didn't even mention! Many thanks to you and to the staff and volunteers who made it a festive day and brought things together in a nice way. We’re all looking forward to seeing the enclosure improvements in spring.

Pileated femalePileated femaleOut the window, a female pileated woodpecker showed up. It’s the first female I’ve seen here in months. She has the black mustache stripe of a female instead of the red stripe of a male. Her yellowish brown forehead is distinctive. I have never seen that color forehead before—not on adults or juveniles. Females typically have dark foreheads. She came in with her crest raised, as the picture shows, looking for suet that had disappeared overnight. I put more out and hope to see her again. No raccoons, foxes, or minks for many days now; and, of course, no bears.

Thank you for all you did and do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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