Bears, Beavers, Birds, and a Big Buck - UPDATE November 3, 2019

The pretty bear Scaredy Cat made two visits last night as recorded by our Eyes of the Night, Peggy Stubb, the assistant bookkeeper. 10 point deer10 point deerShe also caught a brief visit by a magnificent 10-point buck around midnight. Peggy stays up most of the night until she wears out. That kind of watchfulness is over for a few weeks now, though, while she heads home to catch up there before returning to catch up on bookkeeping here around the end of the month. The buck was good to hold fairly still to minimize blur from the slow shutter speeds of night photography.

The winter flock of black-capped chickadees is back and hungry for sunflower seed hearts to keep them warm through winter nights. I haven’t gone out to see if any remember sitting on my hand from last year and am looking forward to seeing if I recognize some from little markings.ChickadeeChickadee

The beaver lodge across the little lake out the window had some action last night as evidenced by dark, muddy paths up both sides and on the front. The lodge is surrounded by thin ice that includes the winter food cache. Surrounding the thin ice is blackish ice that also would not be good to walk on. I don’t know if the paths up the sides of the lodge are from beavers adding mud or just walking up and down it for reasons I don’t know. The path up the left side is to where the fisher was sniffing down an air hole a few days ago before moving to another air hole and then off into the wild.

Beaver lodge  Beaver lodge Wow! The Black Bear Field Study Courses are over two thirds full already with about 21 slots to fill yet on

I just learned that we are extending the deadline for accepting recipes for the new recipe book to the end of November. I remember how good the last recipe book was and am looking forward to getting (or maybe Donna getting) this one. Click here to submit a recipe.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center