Changing of the Guard and GiveMN - UPDATE November 2, 2019

Limpy hasn't come back since October 28th. Scaredy Cat is here now being his usual skittish self. He only comes at night and this time looks browner than we've noticed before.Scaredy catScaredy cat

Raccoons now include the 3 small ones (14, 17, and 19 pounds) of the other night, a bigger one at 29 pounds, and this bulky one that stayed off the scale. I don't know how big raccoons get. I looked it up on Google and Wikipedia but was confused by records of 50, 57, 62.6, and 75 pounds. Maybe some of those were captives. Raccoon Raccoon The big one here might be the biggest one I ever saw. I suspect they don't get as big up here as might be found in areas with longer growing seasons and a greater variety of foods.

A mink ran by on the ice out on the lake but didn't stop by. Maybe it wasn't the mink named Clear. A neighbor on a nearby lake sees them out on the ice but not in their yard, too.

As you know, the annual Give to the Max day is one of the biggest fundraisers for the North American Bear Center.

GiveMN Early Giving

This year we will be making some enhancements to the bear enclosure. This will be the initial phase of a larger project. Give to the Max Day donations will be used to replace fencing, enhance drainage and improve structures in our bears’ individual enclosures. We invest your Give to the Max Day donations into long-lasting capital improvements so your dollars continue to help bears for years to come. Golden TicketEarly Giving started yesterday which means all donations received November 1st through the 14th have a chance at winning $500 Golden Tickets which are awarded every day through November 14!

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Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center