Loving Leftovers - UPDATE October 29, 2019

Only one bear visited last night—a bear we call Limpy of unknown origin. He is very skittish of us and other bears. White-tailed buckWhite-tailed buckWe call him Limpy because he hops along on 3 legs due to an injured right front foot. He weighed only 180 pounds when we first saw him on October 5, about a month into bear hunting season. He is still only 256 pounds, which is light for his frame. We suspect that he is staying late to bulk up after having a hard time finding enough food earlier with his difficulty getting around as well as the berries drying up in late summer. We don’t know how long he’s had his injury. The blurry close-up of his injured foot shows irregular claws and I’m not sure how many claws. Last night he was here only one time and ate 12 pounds of sunflower seed hearts between 9:25 and 11 PM. Just one visit is unusual for him, so we’ll see if he comes tonight or not.

LimpyLimpy Limpy right footInjured paw

Limpy’s visits this late in October remind us of Quill who set the record with his last visit being November 18 at 12:07 AM. He also had to bulk up after having a hard time eating earlier due to porcupine quills in his lips.

With only one visit by a bear last night, there were leftovers to be eaten by red squirrels, blue jays, a new 8-point buck that was comfortable looking in the window, and the usual cleanup crew.

Red squirrelRed squirrel Blue JayBlue Jay


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Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center