Cubs Galore - UPDATE September 26, 2019

Cubs were everywhere in the community today. Well, not everywhere, but 23 cubs were sighted with 7 moms today. Unknown mother and cubsUnknown mother
and cubs
The moms and their cubs are 10-year-old Samantha (3 males and a female), Jenny (non clan) (3 males), Emelia (non clan) (3 females), Unknown mom (non clan) (2 females), 19-year-old Donna (2 males, 2 females), 17-year-old Braveheart (1 male, 2 females), and 8-year-old Oliana (4 males). 14-year-old Usula and her 4 cubs were sighted recently but not today, as were 10-year-old Summer and her 3 cubs and 10-year-old Star and her 3 cubs

Two bears we haven’t said anything about lately because we didn’t know are Jewel and Fern. We are worried about Jewel because she hasn’t been seen since August 30th which is 2 days before hunting season started. Fern and her male cub Carlin were last seen June 18. So we will be looking hard for them next year. Hunting may be over around here for this year, but you never know.

In Ely, butterflies and other flies gave extra color to the flowers as they demonstrated their roles as pollinators. The butterflies were painted ladies. One of the flies was a green bottle fly. The other fly acted like a syrphid fly but the markings puzzled me, so if anyone knows the name of that one, let me know for our records here.

Syrphid Fly (maybe)Syrphid Fly (maybe) Painted Lady butterflyPainted Lady butterfly Green bottle flyGreen bottle fly

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center