Bear News from Sharon Herrell - UPDATE September 22, 2019

The week has moved very fast with thunderstorms sweeping in and making Lucky very nervous. Most bears get used to the rains, LuckyLuckywind and snow it becomes part of their environment but still makes them nervous. I'm not sure why Lucky bear has never gotten used to it. He is very afraid of loud noises engines and thunder booming overhead, he always finds shelter and comfort in his bunker.

Holly Holly We added more straw to the large bunker this week. Holly's interest piqued and she seems to be more focused on the bunker den than the dug den. As many of you watched she efficiently raked the straw into the large bunker. She stopped to watch Lucky who appeared by the fence line and watched her rake. She was oblivious to the staff watching her. It’s just amazing how she doesn't leave even one strand of straw behind.

LuckyLuckyMeanwhile as Lucky watched from a distance his curiosity heightened and he moved to the bunker roof. Holly immediately had words and slapped the fence. I know she's the matriarch but really; Lucky out weighs her by 200+ pounds. Yet, he gracefully backed down. Stay tuned to see who wins this round; my bet is on Holly.

TashaTashaTasha has slowed down and actually passed Holly in height and weight this year. Good luck to all that have attempted to guess weights for denning this year. It seems like it is more rushed this year but the days only change, the bears know the time.

The color around the enclosure is bursting with radiant beauty, the wild flowers have taken over the barren ground and thebears are slowing down. The wind has dropped many leaves that we will soon rake and give to Lucky Holly Holly and Holly in both bunkers. Tasha likes to freelance and decorates her den all by herself. Ted still waits for his deliveries.

As I said prior to this week, we did do a straw delivery to Ted. At this writing TedTedI noticed he has pushed it all out. It may be because we had some strangely warm days this week but I'm seeing cooler days ahead in the forecast.

I want to thank everyone that helps us out at various times. The Pond Chat Moderators/camera drivers help us immensely throughout the week and sometimes are more efficient at finding our bears than we are, so thank you. Also to all Ted, Lucky, Tasha & Holly fans, thank you.

Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bearkeeper

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center