Windy, Wild, and Blue - UPDATE August 19, 2019

On this windiest pontoon ride ever, a flock of about 30 ravens, turkey vultures, and eagles rode the thermals over the wooded north shore of Eagles Nest Lake One. I have never seen anything like it.Cubs of Unknown MotherCubs of unknown mother - L. Pottinger

On the blue water of this sunny day, loons and family of common mergansers loafed, diving occasionally.

More wildlife on land included a female white-tailed deer eating big-leafed aster leaves at a mature stage of growth that bears won’t touch although these leaves are a major part of bear diets in early May when they first sprout. Nearby was a buck fawn growing nicely and still with the spots he will have for another couple months.


Riding thermalsRiding thermals Turkey vultureTurkey vulture LoonLoon


Common merganser broodCommon merganser brood Fawn buckFawn buck Deer eating Big-leafed AsterDeer eating Big-leafed Aster

The two cubs with their feet on the log belong to the skittish unknown mom that came through yesterday. This shot is Bear Course participant Linda Pottinger’s Shot-of-the-Day yesterday. A great group excited about the bears. As this day was ending, a call came that Shadow was spotted. That meant a rush to the van and the privilege of seeing the matriarch of the local clan and who just happens to be the second oldest black bear on record. A super day interspersed with good food, good fun, and good questions and discussion about bears.

Thank you all for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center