Faces, An Interview, and Charlie Russell - UPDATE August 16, 2019

The day started with one of the cubs of 10-year-old Samantha showing her face from three angles as she warily scanned her surroundings. Samantha's cubSamantha's cub

Then someone sent me a link to a letter written by Charlie Russell to his followers after a visit here in August 2013. I am grateful that Charlie ended with: “This is the most important study ever done in the world about bears because it so well documents better and safer ways that we can live with bears. And if we build trust with these wonderful animals instead of distrust, we do not have to fear bears the way we are told by far too many bear professionals, who are paid to tell you the truth but either do not or cannot.”

Samantha's cub Samantha's cub

In his letter, he referred to a 42:37 minute interview on Minnesota Public Radio about my feeding bears and walking with them. Charlie wrote: “I am asking you to take the time (50 minutes) and listen to a radio broadcast that Lynn did on August 3rd 2013, with award-winning host Michael Olson. In this wonderful interview I think he covers every important question that I personally have had around feeding bears... and much more.” Link at http://www.metrofarm.com/assets/podcasts/2013-08-03_930d_bears.mp3.

Thank you, Charlie. I wish you were still here.

Thank you all for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center