Lily and More - UPDATE August 8, 2019

Still feeling good about seeing Lily, we are also seeing other mothers with cubs Lily's male cubLily's male cub(19-year-old Donna, 17-year-old Braveheart, 14-year-old Ursula, 10-year-old Samantha, 10-year-old Star, 10-year-old Summer, 8-year-old Daisy, 7-year-old Fern, 4-year-old Vixen, and 3-year-old Valentine.

Lily's female cubsLily's female cubsAmong males, a surprise was seeing 5-year-old Spot (son of Summer, grandson of Shannon, great grandson of Donna, and great great grandson of Blackheart, and great great great grandson of Shadow). We had last seen Spot when he was 2 in 2016. This past week, he showed up in fine shape and behaved as if he had last seen us yesterday. He was the same old calm, confident, gentle, trusting bear we thought we had lost.

Chokecherry scatChokecherry scatAmong natural foods, choke cherries are a bumper crop, and this is evident in scats bears deposit here at the WRI. The photo shows a scat entirely made up of chokecherries. This might help explain the disappearance of Samantha and her four cubs for a month. She returned in good shape with fast-growing, healthy cubs.

Every day holds a new revelation.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center