Shadow, Ursula, and Cubs - UPDATE July 23, 2019

Add Shadow and Ursula to last night’s list of celebrity bears now showing up. Shadow32-year-old ShadowThe photo of 32-year-old Shadow shows that her white hairs are spreading to her neck and back. Shadow's super sweet 14-year-old daughter Ursula showed up with her four growing cubs that we now know include at least 3 females.

A mistake last night was calling Goldie “Blondie.” Getting old.

It’s been a wonderful week with happy faces all around. First it was the Pat and Donna Surface concert in the park. Then it was three days of being among dedicated Lilypadders at the picnic. Now it has been three days of being among enthusiastic Course Participants as the bears show up. I discovered the key to human smiles and happiness. It is bears.

Ursula's cub Ursula 4 cubs Ursula's cub
Golden-muzzled Ursula and two of her four cubs


Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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