Bears - UPDATE July 16, 2019

A day of bears and learning. With a thirst for knowledge, this was another group big on bears and learning. WrestlingWrestlingThe one lecture was 2 hours long because of the number of questions about tangential subjects. They had information to offer as well as a desire to learn.

One-eyed Jack has a deep 4-inch wound on his left shoulder from the mating season. He allowed us to clean it, which a person with long veterinary experience did. We believe the wound will heal from the inside out as it should. In years past, this bear that is now in his 20’s and has white hairs on his forehead and toes had a wound on his side that drained for years until we fixed it with antibiotics. We hope he will do as well with this new wound. He is a sweetheart that wins hearts for bears.

One of the participants had a particular interest in anatomy and was taken by the humanlike structure of the bear’s hand at the bottom of the picture of two bears play-wrestling.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center