Holly, Tasha, Ted, and a Fun Field Course - UPDATE July 7, 2019

At the Bear Center, Sharon wrote a report and Pooch Pal made three videos of Holly and Tasha. LuckyLucky

3:19 minutes: Holly & Tasha ~~ Morning, 7/7/2019 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbEd9CYCKNA

5:44 minutes: Tasha Foraging Near the NABC Pond Area ~~ Evening, 7/5/2019 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UBhWFiqJCo

3:23 minutes: Holly at the NABC Viewing Area ~~ 7/6/2019 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDUg7_zNnA4

Bear News – July 7, 2019

Interns and bears, interns and bears and heat. What a wonderful mixture. This past week has been very hot in Ely, when temperatures burst over the 75-degree mark It’s hot in Ely. The bears enjoy the pond, the coolness of their dens, and of course the forest, (I know it’s hotter everywhere else).

TedTedThe bears spent the evening in their dens during the 4th of July celebrations. I like the peace of mind that they have a safe place to go while the fireworks are exploding across the sky. The bright burst of colors displayed against the night sky is the perfect time to reflect on the land we live in.

Ted decided he was going on a short walk today. He visited the female bears and then marked the trees behind Holly's den. He's so cute. He sits on his back end and rubs his huge frame over the bark and then pulls the branches down to rub his head. It probably feels good but it also moves his scent through the air. We still have wild bears visiting on the outside of the fence.

Ted markingTed markingOur Tasha bear is still in estrus and was at a frantic pacing stage a few days ago. I was able to see it from a video clip sent by one of our Pond Chat Moderators, thank you. Once I saw what she was doing it was easier to explain. I came in on Thursday morning to check on her, she was calm, didn't want food and was focused on the outside fence. Clearly, she knew the males are interested but she couldn’t do much about it.

HollyHollyHolly has been spending alone time in an area we often would find Honey bear. It’s secluded and damp. She has told Lucky “NO” numerous times and now, as in the past, they aren't spending much time together. It’s a hard job running the enclosure and she just needs alone time (my interpretation).

Lucky, as you have noticed, is pestering Ted. Ted stands up for himself as Lucky struts by or marks the same cedar tree as Ted, which is just outside of his bear gate. He likes to sit by the food shed and let the interns talk to him. When he is done with his swim or pestering Holly and Ted he goes up to the bunkers. The cement must feel cool on his tummy. He also likes to rest by the cabin den where there is tree cover.TashaTasha

 In less than two weeks it will be time for the Lilypad Picnic. Friends from all over the world will visit us and help celebrate Dr. Roger's 80th birthday. There are so many fun activities planned and of course my favorite fundraiser, the decorated bags for the bears. Come on up to Ely and help us celebrate!

Thank you for all you do.
Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bearkeeper

At the WRI, it’s a great mix of people for the first Black Bear Field Study Course—people who are working hard for grizzly bears, black bears, and mountain lions, and people who care in other ways. It is always good to be among such people. They want to learn from bears, and I want to learn from them. Appreciation all around.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center