Jack and Others Sighted - UPDATE June 25, 2019

At 6:45 PM, One-Eyed Jack was sighted for the second time this year. It’s mating season, and the males are wandering. 20190625 DonnaDonnaToday, he was mounting a lactating female that had likely lost her cubs and came into estrus. He was 9 miles away. Good to know he is in the area. We first saw him in 2003. He is in his 20’s.

A new bear in the area is this cinnamon-colored one that stands out. We’re calling him Rusty. He is starting to shed on his face and will shortly turn dark brown and hard to tell from black ones in poor light.

Ten-year-old Samantha (daughter of 17-year-old Braveheart) and her 4 long-legged cubs are regulars. A few miles away, 19-year-old Donna and her 4 cubs are putting in appearances. It’s a year of cubs!

The Black Bear Field Study Courses are full. I’ve heard the contagious excitement in their voices. Some are returnees looking to see old favorites. Some are wanting to overcome their fear to better enjoy bear country.

RustyRusty Samanthas cubSamanthas cub Jack and Lactating MateJack and Lactating Mate

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center