A Great Couple Days - UPDATE June 17, 2019

The Half Birthday party with new mulch and piñatas was a hit with the Ambassador Bears as can be seen in these videos. Gabrielle and Heinrik in Jewels denGabrielle and Heinrik
in Jewels den
Tasha and Holly show pure joy with their new cedar chip piles.

NABC Ambassador Bears With 1/2 Birthday Pinatas ~~ 6/16/2019

Tasha and her new cedar mulch ~~ 6/16/2019

Holly Gets New Cedar Mulch ~~ 6/16/2019

At the WRI, Samantha stopped by with her four cubs to let us know that she has 3 males and a female growing fast and well.

Also, a lactating raccoon showed up. We look forward to seeing her little ones.Colleen and kids dissecting a birdColleen and kids
dissecting a bird

Father’s Day was an action-packed day of exploring nature with family. Grandkids Heinrik (9) and Gabrielle (7) fearlessly and enthusiastically want to learn. They found a dead red-breasted nuthatch and Heinrik wanted to dissect it, which Colleen skillfully did. She got her skill when she was that age, dissecting road kills and wanting to be a veterinarian. Gabrielle found a beautiful prometheus moth that was shivering to warm up to fly—the first one I’ve seen this year. Heinrik found a long-horned wood-boring beetle and wondered what it was and what it does. He then found a dragonfly that had just emerged from its larval skin and had not yet fully inflated its wings. They discovered that painted turtle eggs we saw being laid a couple days ago had been discovered and dug up by a fox. They wanted to catch a snake but we couldn’t find one, so they opted to crawl in a bear den. On a pontoon boat ride we saw two loons swim to where they had been looking for a nesting spot a few weeks ago. One went up on shore, so I suspect a nest is there in our little bay. Fun and excitement all day and on into dinner out.

Gabrielle with Prometheus mothGabrielle with
Prometheus moth
Dragonfly emergingDragonfly
20190617 Heinrik beetleHeinrik with a long-horned
wood-boring beetle

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center