Pond Progress, Blonde Bombshell - UPDATE June 11, 2019

Along the fence at the Bear Center, a beautiful blonde bear is a frequent visitor. NABC VisitorNABC VisitorSharon got a picture of him today but couldn’t tell the sex. I say ‘him’ because it’s that time of year and I suspect he is being lured by the sweet smells of Holly and Tasha. With the electric wire at the top of the fence, he can’t figure how to get in. Actually, we don’t want cubs before we can double the enclosure and maybe build a skywalk.

Pond Reconstruction Pond
Pond  Pond

The crew is progressing on the pond! I don’t know how deep the pond will be. I want to look. Now that the rubber pad is in place, I should be able to judge. We were supposed to have a pad last time it was made (by a different company that is now out of business) but they opted not to use it, which is partially why we are having it fixed now by our old reliable company.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center