Interns Arrive and Half-Birthday Fundraiser - UPDATE June 1, 2019

Senior Bearkeeper Sharon Herrell gave a report on our new interns that I’ve found to be a friendly bunch, eager to learn, and who will do well sharing their knowledge with visitors:2019 Interns2019 Interns

Five of our new interns have arrived with one yet to come. Three more will cover later summer and early fall.

As a proper introduction they were given a tour of the bear center, they met the bears, and began learning what to say about each bear, learned their stories, and all the material written by Dr. Rogers on each exhibit.

Lucky supervisingLucky supervisingOther duties include Critter time, cleaning, flags etc. Each one is responsible for learning the variety of animals in the Ecology Hall. As time quickly moves forward the interns take part in all the Behind the Scenes, public speaking, chatting with our guests, and taking care of the bears. As an initiation, these wonderful helpful interns are given a task that one would consider kind of gross. They are asked to clean the bunker den. This task that strikes horror into those of us who have had to do it for many years is only fit and proper along with their good jobs of feeding and watering bears, cleaning up scat, giving BTS's and visiting with our guests. With a smile and energic haste, all entered the enclosure, Derek, Kaylee, Rebecca, Ellen, and Lauren (in the order they are shown in the picture). They were assisted by Bear Educator, Carrie. Amazingly they enjoyed themselves. Of course handsome Lucky supervised the whole process from the other side of the fence.

We can't wait to meet our sixth summer intern, Kim, and try to find a detail she might like to do for an intiation. Thank you all for cleaning the bunker den.

Thank you,
Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bearkeeper

The bear in the picture is Lucky outside the bunker den supervising.

20190601 Ambassador Bears Birthday

On another note, today marks the first day of the North American Bear Center's Bear Half-Birthday Fundraiser. The celebration finalizes on the 16th when there will be live broadcasts and special treats for the bears, but you can participate now by voting for which piñata the bears will receive. They will be filled with their favorite snacks and the fun can be watched LIVE on the Pond Cam on the 16th at 9:00 am.

Voting is open from June 1-15th.

Vote as many times as you'd like, each vote is just $5 and those donations will go towards bear food and care for the bears.

Click here for more details.

Thank you interns and bear educators and thank you all for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center