RC Enforcement, Bear Center News - UPDATE May 26, 2019

RC stopped by calmly. Then her yearling male Carter appeared. RC's Carter after RC leftRC's Carter after RC leftRC tore after him as he sprinted high up the nearest tree, a red pine. Soon, RC left (photo) and Carter came down but looked tense and alert (photo).

RC's Carter in treeRC's Carter in tree RCRC

Sharon Herrell sent her weekly Bear News report on Ted, Lucky, Holly, and Tasha:

Bear News – May 26, 2019

My first and foremost thought today is to thank all veterans of past wars and the men and women who are serving to protect our great country. Tasha in tubTasha in tubThank you all for your service.

As reported last week Holly is in estrus and trying to avoid Lucky. LuckyLuckyShe likes to go as high as she can in the cub tree (white pine) to rest and nap. Lucky climbs to his sitting branch and waits for her to rejoin him. She still is looking for attention from Ted. When it’s time for Holly to go into the Haven den, she immediately rests. Holly has been digging in the stump next to the cabin den, eating carpenter ant pupae.

TDigging for antsDigging for antsasha just enjoys life. She loves to sit in the water tubs and rock herself. She pushes her toes against the log and gets the momentum to rock herself. She has also been digging under the cabin den and her coat is full of mud.

Ted did his usual walkabout today. He headed for the female bears but then decided to go 


back to his den instead. He has paid them several visits the last two weeks. It’s great exercise for him but sometimes he gets stuck behind the dens and we lead him back to his den. The grass is growing lush and all four bears are enjoying the delicate and tender shoots.

Lucky bear is getting more and more frustrated with Holly pushing him away. He is persistent, as are wild males while waiting for the attention of their mates.TedTed

We are still waiting for a start date on the pond reconstruction. With our new summer hours, I will be doing the Q & A session after the 4:30 Enrichment program. Please be sure to post your questions on our Facebook page.

Thank you for all you do.
Sharon Herrell
Sr. Bearkeeper

And thank you for all you do, Sharon.

Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center