Bear News from Sharon Herrell - UPDATE May 20, 2019

Dr. Rogers is catching up with his wife Donna upon her return from Europe tonight so he will not be writing an update. Lucky and HoneyLucky

However, a couple days ago Sharon Herrell wrote an update on our bears at the North American Bear Center. Even though it is a couple days after, we thought it was well worth sharing.

As well, we took some video of her and Jim Stroner attempting to get some nice photographs of Tasha for our yearly calendar. It sure makes you appreciate the beautiful shots Jim manages to get each year!

From Sharon:

TedTedThe weather in Ely is finally cooperating and work on the pond renovation should begin very soon. Green-up and tree budding is in full bloom in Ely. It’s good to see green grass and buds blending with the renewal of spring; although, rumor has it there is snow in the forecast and it’s mid-May.

We have a strong suspicion (and some indication from Tasha) that Holly is in estrus. Estrus is the common term for bears, when the female mammal is most receptive to the male. Most would know it as a dog going into heat. The term estrus is a another way of saying, we have 30 plus days of Holly not being the sweetheart we all know and love; but instead becoming the “Godzilla” of the bear center or cranky and frustrated.

Our young Tasha, who is now 4 years old, is maturing in growth but is still very innocent acting. Her world seems to be all about play. Holly tolerates her but gets tired. There are times when Holly gets very upset and goes after Tasha to enforce her position. No harm has come in these pursuits to either bear.

This spring our viewers, visitors, and photographer, Jim Stroner have seen a faster Ted. Jim found it hard to get into a position before Ted reached him. We are so thankful for Jim who provides photos for our calendars and other projects. The photo shoot with the bears went well, with the exception of Holly and Lucky wanting to challenge us at one point. It was time for a break and to let the bears be bears. Ted has been on several walkabouts to visit Holly, Tasha and Lucky. He's so cute going back to say hello.

Holly and LuckyHolly and Tasha Holly and LuckyHolly LuckyLucky

I snapped a picture of Lucky atop the bunker den pushing on the camera box. I am curious as to whether Holly is being falsely accused for messing with the cameras. I think it might be a joint effort.

I want to thank you all for supporting our bears and for tuning in each day. We couldn't do our programs and accomplish what with do without your help.

Sharon Herrell
Sr. Bearkeeper

Thank you for all you do.
WRI Staff