A Good Day - UPDATE May 1, 2019

Arrived early, about 4 AM, to type words before I forgot. About 6 AM, the gull named 6 O’clock (named for the dot at the bottom of his right iris)RC's yearlingRC's yearling showed up looking pleadingly into the window. He is a good catcher and fun to throw bologna to. I cranked open the window and heard nursing. RC was here with her 3 yearlings. Super. They finished nursing before I could get in position and by that time were busy marking a white pine and checking out sounds I couldn’t hear. RC is a lot like her mother Shadow in being alert and somewhat nervous. I like the picture of her looking gentle toward me. Then they came up on the second floor deck for breakfast (sunflower seed hearts). A red squirrel was hungry, too, and not to be daunted by a few bears. RC looks big with her thick winter fur, but she got on the scale a couple nights ago after I sent in the update, and she only weighs 230 pounds.

Through the morning, there were visits from Stripe the Mink and woodchucks. Then, at midday, a male pine warbler I’ve been seeing for the last couple days held still long enough for a click from my desk. I haven’t seen one here for several years. I hope the fact that he has been here for 3 days now means he is a resident. We’ll see.

RC RC RC & 3 yearlingsRC & 3 yearlings RC and yearlings at WRI<br>(see PS below)RC and yearlings at WRI

Gull 6 O'clockGull 6 O'clock TedTed Pine warbler malePine warbler male

I see Pondchat Mod Rebel posted today’s weights for Ted (549 pounds), Lucky (428), and Holly (252). All good for this time of year.

Ted looked like he was having a good day, too.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center