Holly, RC Turned 20 - UPDATE April 30, 2019

A mod caught Holly relaxing after yesterday’s snowfall. No Lucky, No Tasha, just Holly chillin’ alone, Quill on April 28, 2019Quill on April 28, 2019doing what wild bears do and being polite about not soiling her bed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nQuz11U7uA

RC and yearlings at WRI<br>(see PS below)RC and yearlings at WRI
(see PS below)
In the WRI neighborhood, bears are showing up. 14-year-old Bow showed up a couple days ago, I learned, with both of her yearlings daughters, Brandy and Becky. This evening, I got a call that 20-year-old RC made an appearance with her yearling daughter Chloe and her yearling sons Casey and Carter. No opportunity for pictures, though.

Here at the WRI over the last few days, VDot, Braveheart’s 4-year-old son Stratton, Quill, and an unknown male have made appearances.

Mike and Cathy and Tracy and Lorie worked all day on the deck, getting it ready for the Black Bear Field Courses that start in July. They also put the scale back into operation.

Herring gull Herring gull

Gulls and the Mink named Stripe provided action through the day on the second floor where I was typing.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

PS: Just as I finished this update, RC and her yearlings came here! Not a good picture, but it is proof she was here. Reflected in the window are notepads for recording bear visits and the Indicator for reading weights from the scale. RC is the one in back checking a sound.