Lucky, Holly, and Tasha - UPDATE April 18, 2019

Lucky and Holly are starting the year with displays of territoriality. Yesterday, Lucky vigorously rubbed his scent on the Honey Tree as Taught by Bears WoodchuckWoodchuckcaught on this 44-second video. In this 3:05-minute video, Taught by Bears caught Holly doing the same at the base of the big white pine “Cub Tree” that Holly had just chased Tasha up.

Lucky and Holly look like they want to rule the roost, and we know Ted and Tasha are not going to challenge them. We’ll have to keep them separated for the time being and see how they act through the fences.

Today, Tasha was out by herself and relaxed a bit in the pond. The little bit of open water she found was also enough to attract a pair of wild mallards. Most lakes around here have not yet started to open up, but a small pond with a little open water here at the WRI also attracted a pair of mallards.

TashaTasha MallardsMallards

Out the window, most of the snow in sunny areas is gone, but over a foot remains in shaded areas. That means grass is growing in the sunny areas and woodchucks are out and hungry. They also eat sunflower seeds, which this one appears to be asking for.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center