Coming Out and More - UPDATE April 17, 2019

Ted’s debut was about 10 AM and he knew what to do. He made a beeline to the scale and the expected treats TedTed weighs inbut is keeping his weight a secret until he gets an okay to share from the contest organizers. He looked happy, though, in his portrait.

Holly acted a little territorial or uncertain toward her old playmate Tasha but nothing serious. Maybe it’s coming of age or maybe it’s getting reacquainted. We’ll see what plays out in the next month or so during mating season. Taught By Bears caught the interaction in this 4-minute video. Holly is on the left.

Out the window at the WRI it was dueling woodchucks and dancing gulls. Woodchucks wouldn’t share with each other, but one did share sunflower seeds with a red squirrel. Favorite foods were broccoli, romaine lettuce, and sunflower seeds.

Ted on scaleTed on scale Herring GullHerring gull

WoodchuckWoodchuck eating WoodchuckWoodchuck and squirrel WoodchuckWoodchuck

Herring gulls were in good form catching half-slices of bologna.

Stripe the Mink let us know she is okay. We didn’t see Clear all day, which might have been what made Stripe feel safe coming for a snack.

Ten spots are open for the Black Bear Field Study Courses.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center