Big Play Action in Pennsylvania - UPDATE April 5, 2019

This cub likes to play! Here is 11 minutes of it PA mom and cubPA mom and cub

And here is another 25 minutes.

Comments from those online say: Pawsome video! A little monster cub.

I’m not really sure on the sex but am leaning toward boy. I couldn’t tell from the position if I was seeing a boy or girl—whether the protuberance was up far enough on the belly to be a boy. Girl parts are bigger than boy parts at this stage, and they can be seen from the front when a cub is standing. So if we get a better picture, I’ll feel more confident.

I’m told this picture from today of the Mom is of her licking drops of rainwater off leaves like we’ve seen bears here do, too. Although they often say that hibernating bears do not eat, drink, urinate, or defecate, wild mothers do eat snow and icicles and ingest their cubs’ urine and feces and consequently urinate and defecate. This picture from a couple days ago of her holding his paw in her teeth is interesting. Mothers have great control over their bite, so they can hold cubs without hurting or injuring them. The cub doesn’t look like it is having a problem.

Sarah Rose, who arranges the Hinckley Gathering is holding registration open through tomorrow, so we’re down to our last chance. I’m looking forward to being there and feeling the enthusiasm for bears and meeting the people that the bears brought together and who then bonded with each other. It’s my chance to meet true bear people and share the joy. Register using Pay Pal on the Facebook Event Page at The door prize this year is a Chromebook.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center